Friday, September 23, 2016

Favorite Things About Autumn

This is by far, my favorite season. I adore nearly every aspect of autumn; therefore, I've decided to share a few of my loves with you (in no particular order)...

Household: Family/friends visiting during ALL the holidays, Decorating house in/out in autumn colors and Halloween/Thanksgiving fun (have TONS of both decor), and of course, a crackling fire with a pan of vanilla spices bubbling on the logs.
Food/Drink: Crockpot recipes, candy apples, popcorn balls, pumpkin seeds from freshly carved jack o'lantern, long roasting anything, hot cocoa with marshmallow fluff, vampire wax lips, candy corn, canning leftover crops from the garden, and fresh warm homemade butter bread and soup.
Fashion: Tall sexy boots, fuzzy warm boots with dangling pom-pom balls at the end of shoestrings, sumptuous sweaters, vivid colored toe-socks, silly footed pajamas (Are those fashionable?  I think so!) my Daddy's leather bomber coat (you may already know, my Daddy passed in 2014, and I have a lot of his treasures), daily hat wearing, a new scarf and warm mittens.
Weather: Brisk air, crunchy leaves beneath my feet, piles of leaves neatly raked for children and dogs to play in, early morning fog at sunrise, burning leaves perfuming the cool breeze, and color-transforming foliage from a distance.
Attending Events: Football games, Octoberfest festivals, pumpkin patches, Halloween houses, Fright Night, pig roasts with hunks of juicy pork, and hot cracklins served in brown paper bags (my favorite), and bomb fires by the beach or in a neighbors field.
TV: football season (for the food, and sporting my team jersey hehe), new season of #DWTS#TheBachelor and old movies under a warm blanket (sadly, alone....where is my love match?).

Also, enjoy jogging on cooler payment, finding new ways to exercise outside, and the early fall of darkness. It seems fall, is the quietest time of year....don't you agree?

Alas, I relish creating my annual Halloween costume, fashioning my dogs in colorful sweaters, jackets, and hats; and attending all things Halloween to get my scare on!

Yup, I LOVE autumn! If I had the money, space, and storage, I would host an annual themed Halloween Party for all my family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors....and you'd be invited, too!! Awww....if only.

What's your favorite thing about autumn/fall?  Leave your comments below.

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