Wednesday, January 18, 2017

REVIEW: Etsy Natural Wood Earrings by #Unkudu

I just bought from #Etsy #Unkudu gorgeous new #Organic #woodearrings
I'll be getting a lot of wear out, and play with these beauties....and they arrived in a fabulous round wooden box, and organic embroidered bag with buttons! Love the attention to detail. Even the box they shipped in was pretty, with paisley designs, and thick bags with their logo!

You could send directly from them to your lovey as a gift! You'll love these #earrings. They make keepsake #mothersdaygift #valentinesdaygift #christmasgift #birthdaygift #becauseIloveyougift
They have a wide color choice and other styles.


BEAUTIFULLY HANDCRAFTED ~ The beautiful set of wooden earrings is intricately handcrafted with dedication and ensure the most beautiful result for you to avail.

EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT ~ The earrings can be worn for a longer period of time due to their light weight. Vegetarian dyes and sustainable wood with handcrafted techniques ensure safety and authenticity of the earrings. 

UNIQUE AND CONTEMPORARY DESIGN ~ Beautifully balanced design, paired with the use of wood results in the most unique and interesting earrings. The length and proportions give it a contemporary definition while the design shows a contrast of delicacy and boldness at the same time.

You will receive your set of earrings under two layers. The first layer is a pouch with a soft inner lining in which you can store your earrings and the second layer is a custom handcrafted wooden box.

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