Sunday, January 29, 2017

REVIEW: #Mellanni Thermal Insulated #BlackoutCurtains #Drapes

(Professional Photos from Amazon above....My photos below)

(My two photos look more blue than what they are...the middle photo is the correct color)

The photos I attached are bluer than the true color. The actual color changes with light (in my residence) goes from a cement gray to a silver shimmer. It blocks out the sun, and I'm here in the Sunny State!

In my video there's a snag/flaw in one panel, and I was going to give them a 4 star, but once I hung them, they hang with the snag somewhere within the material, which does not display (thankfully)....perhaps it's on the inner side next to the wall...not sure.

Buy them, you'll love them!

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#BlackoutCurtains #Drapes
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