Saturday, June 10, 2017

REVIEW: Digital Caliper with FREE Feeler Gauge by #GreenToolz

Must have tool when measuring decimals to the thousandths of an inch.
Slides smoothly and without hesitation. Comes pre-oiled and smells like my Daddy and brothers (they're all machinist and own their own tool shop). Would I say this would past their test....?  No, idea.  But I'm not creating parts for Fram, Delco and other important factories, I'm a hobby gal, and these work great for my needs.
I really appreciate the large numbered and easy to read LED display, and that it lines up evenly, and has a zero point.
Also comes with a battery and a spare!

Watch un-boxing video on YouTube:

How to Use a LED Digital Caliper (and where to buy) video on YouTube:

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