Thursday, October 13, 2016

#BacheloretteParty Props Review

Fun for Adults and Dress-Up for Children

Fun element to get the party started, and/or ice breaker.  You ever been to a party, and it’s mixed with friend, co-workers, and family, and no one wants to talk, in fear they’ll say something to upset the host?  Me, too.  Well, these would be the perfect prop to bring everyone together, and start the memories of the day. Who wouldn’t enjoy being silly and getting their photos taken to christen the night?

They are very colorful, sturdy, and super fun. The best part is, they’re arrived fully assembled!  I’ve purchased other props in the past, which were not assembled, and let me tell you, they took all the fun out of the props…and were a mess when finished. We gals thought it would be fun to do it together one night, and we had some that were done correctly, but most wore torn, crooked, and sloppy looking. You won’t have that worries with these. Plus, they’re made so well, you’ll be able to use them over and over again. 

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