Saturday, October 29, 2016

REVIEW: Portable and Adjustable Aluminum Tripod Easel with Bag by Merytes

Another quality product by #Merytes

The easel is lightweight, and sturdy. Personally, I really appreciate that because I can’t always lift art easels, and never have found one which I could consider portable, and take with me. This one, easily sets-up, is rugged enough for outdoors use, and can be adjusted to fit the terrain beneath. Simply slip it into the carry bag, throw it over your shoulder, and get trekking. No matter what angle you find yourself, the legs nicely adjust. The adjustment locks are also sturdy, and not cumbersome to tighten/loosen…not even in the wind…I tested it out, and it did just fine.
This would be ideal for a sketch pad, and other art mediums, as well.

I’m very impressed!

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