Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Non-Greasy #RetinolCream, and Made in the U.S.A.

Like everyone, as I age, my skin is thinning, and beginning to look dry and tired. Without any product on my face, I look dull, and my skin is itchy.

Since using this cream, my skin is no longer itchy, and has regained its fullness and plumpness. AND...AND...AND, the tops of my hands are looking and hydrated. Works much better than your OTC lotion/moisturizer that you readily slather, hoping another application, will do the trick.

I am so pleasantly surprised by more short term effects, and I am incredibly optimistic, and really enthusiastic to see what long term use of #RetinolCream can do for me....time will tell. ;-)

Tip: To apply, I pat small dabs under my eyes, and all around the eye socket (with my middle finger, because that has the less strength), and then all around my face, and neck. Truth be told, I don't hesitate to add the extra on my finger-tips, hands (see above), on to any other dry spots I may be experiencing on my body.


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