Saturday, October 1, 2016

Meet my new driving buddy!

Because I am #TORIngAmerica in my 34’ Class A RV, along with my furbabies, and dummies (ventriloquist). Some days, I am driving for hours on end, other days, I’m out walking, and exploring, meeting new folks, and end up in precarious spots, with no comfort for my bum.

I can happily say, my Sciatica, tail-bone (thrice broken), and my forever aching hips, are so relieved (pun not intended, but hey, it works!), that I was opted to review this FABULOUS cushion, I quickly said, YES….and now that I have, I’m doing a little chair dancing to celebrate. Because by golly, it’s going to make my life so much easier!

Because of the hours driving, etc. it’s quite easy to get lost in the scenery of a new found area, and forget to pull over and relieve the tension off my bum side. Most days when I do finally get moving, it takes a moment to unfold myself, wincing at every stretch from my shoulders to my knee (Sciatica stops right above the inner knee).

The way the cushion is uniquely designed, with a groove cut-out, which helps to relieve my Sciatica, tailbone, and lower back from pain. The cushion is formed to support those areas, and properly align my lumbar curvature.

The cushion is 3” thick (see photos below), and the only adjusting I’ve had to make is the captain chair in the RV, because I sit up a tad higher. With that said, when sitting on a softer cushion (unlike my captain chair, which is more sturdy), at my Mommy’s house, she has a leather couch, and leather dining chairs, and when I tested it on both those settings, it doesn’t hold-up. The pillow flattens down, and gets lost in the plush of the leather, and aids no support. Regarding leather, I didn’t appreciate the metal zipper, and hardware, which hang-off the side of the #seatcushion. I fear it’s going to tear/mar the leather, so I tucked it into the cover. Additionally, I don’t like the tag that hangs on the outside either, because it too may harm the leather. My suggestion would be to make the zipper/puller out of a softer material, and/or a pocket for the zipper to slip in once it’s closed. As far as the tag, it could be placed on the inside with washing instructions. Outside it has no reasoning. It’s not like the tag is offering recognition for the company, because you can’t see it when I'm sitting on the cushion.

I really like that the cover is removable/washable, because I’ll be able to wash it in the washing machine; and no dry cleaning bills. Also it’s hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. See my photos for the tiny holes in the fabric, which allow ventilation.

If you have similar health issues as mine, and use a sturdy/non-plush chair, I truly believe you will benefit from this #seatcushion #softseat #pillow #ChiroDoc, and I highly recommend it.

You can buy it here on Amazon:



P.S. I received a retail sample of this #ChiroDoc Cushion in exchange for my taking time to evaluate it, try it, and share my opinion about it with other Amazon customers in order to help them be able to make an informed buying decision. I hope my efforts have been helpful. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments section below, and I'll try to respond as soon as I can. ~ Tori :-)

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