Thursday, October 6, 2016

#K9Pro Advanced Hip & Joint Supplement Review

My dogs love the beef flavor...

Both my dogs are susceptible to joint/hip problems. Thankfully, they show no sign of this at present. Because dogs are unable to ‘tell you’ that they’re starting to suffer, and not feel themselves, I'm hoping by using the #K9Pro, it will alleviate any future health problem(s), they may encounter down the road.

They LOVE the taste, and actually think it’s a treat, because I give it to them after they come in from their first walk in the morning, in replace of their daily treat. It’s working, I have them ‘tricked’ and they go crazy jumping, and hopping about, and begging for it like a newly introduced treat. They're very satisfied, and so am I.

Whether your dog needs it now, or possibly in the future, don't deny them this glucosamine joint supplement, and start using it today!

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