Friday, October 7, 2016

#LiaMedical Tourniquet Trauma Kit Review

As you know, I am a travel blogger/YouTuber, TORIngAmerica and residing in my 34' Class A RV ("Jimmy Lee"), with my two fur-babies. Needless to say, anything that doesn't serve as a quality/essential product, doesn't make it in to Jimmy Lee. Our space is limited, and each inch is precious to my lifestyle.

Happily to report, this tourniquet by is a keeper. I haven’t had the need to use it, yet; however, being out in the elements every day, it's nice to know it's here when I do need it.

In building my preparedness safety kit for my hiking backpack, I knew the three most important items were the Combat Applied Tourniquet (“CAT”) and the trauma bandage ("Israeli Bandage"). What I completely forgot about, which is equally as important, is the emergency blanket. This has it all, and all are superior in quality. The CAT is easy to use, and I've been practicing using it one handed (for reasons stated above), once you get used to it. I'd highly suggest you practice BEFORE you need it, and have the whole family practice it often in case an emergency happens, they'll be prepared. It's a life lesson that should be taught, and one that will stay with them forever.

Overall:  Superior quality, easy to use, compact, and life saving!

Definitely 5 out of 5 stars!

This #LiaMedical kit make an ideal gift for anyone, and a wonderful Christmas present.

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