Sunday, October 16, 2016

REVIEW: Breathable Waist Trainer #Corset from Pelisy

This is the first corset I’ve had where I can actually BREATH, and it’s comfortable, straight out of the box.

Isn't it lovely!?

It’s made mostly of polyester, which allows you to be able to bend over, and lean forward…have you ever tried to pull-up stockings, or slip on shoes in a corset?  It’s usually a very difficult task, and takes the wind out of me.  This one is built to accompany your body in movement, and give you enough support to keep you looking cinched, and maintaining that hourglass figure.

I can see already, this waist trainer is going to be my weekly corset. I'm so tickled I found this one so I can wear it while working...imagine, being able to stoop, reach, and sit without feeling constricted. THANK YOU, #Pelisy

Definitely 5 out of 5 stars!

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All opinions in my reviews are my own and are not swayed by the fact I received a small discount.

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