Friday, October 28, 2016

REVIEW: 6 Large Bath Bombs from #TurtugeLife

Oh my spalicious goodness...I just received my #TortugaLife ♥ Bath Bombs Gift Set ♥ and they are simply divine! They arrived beautifully packaged (100% gift worthy straight from Amazon), and are something you'd find here in Palm Beach (Florida), at an upscale spa, like The Breakers. 

Watch my un-boxing video below, and you'll see just how lovely the gift set is straight out of the box.  Also you'll see just how HUGE these are in comparison to the cheap-o kind you get at big box stores. PLUS they included a free gift, with the bubble bath soap!  

You can tell that this company values their customers, and provide a high-end spa-like gift.

Order a couple sets, because you're going to want to shower your lovies with this, I am'll love it!

Buy your ♥ Bath Bombs Gift Set ♥ from #TurtugeLife on #Amazon:

Watch the video on YouTube:

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