Friday, November 4, 2016

REVIEW: Asian Vegan Recipes Ebook from Sam Kuma

This eBook isn't your average 'let's eat vegan tonight' it's a new, and creative way to look at food. Sam Kuma shows you that it's not about 'going vegan' rather than, introducing you to a new way to prep food and change your eating lifestyle.

His newest eBook (to my knowledge), is all about my favorite cuisine, Asian!  Who doesn't love Asian food?  AND who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on greasy, sometimes disappointing, overcooked, saucy meals, that you regret ordering?  ME!  I tire of eating extra calories, and who may use less than quality ingredients, and place who knows what in my meal, from dicey restaurants trying to save a few bucks.  ::shudders::

Here's a sample of what recipes are in this eBook:
  • Asian Vegan Appetizers
  • Asian Vegan Soups and Salads
  • Asian Vegan Breakfast Recipes
  • Asian Vegan Noodles and Rice Recipes
  • Asian Vegan Desserts
  • Asian Vegan Stir Fry
What I really like is the writing style of Sam Kuma. It's simplistic, to the point, and easy to follow. Myself, I've been in the kitchen since I was 9; however, these days, most folks have very little knowledge of cooking (unless it's watching it on TV). With his cookbooks, he writes them where any level of cook, can easily follow his recipe, and not fail.

Lastly, there's a bonus gift included, which I'll let you discover when you buy your copy.

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