Tuesday, November 1, 2016

REVIEW: Vitamin C Moisturizer from #InstaNatural

This is the third product I've ordered from Insta Naturals. As with the other two (serum and toner), this is made with superior ingredients, and the packaging arrived in pristine order.  I really like that they ship in boxes that fit perfectly inside my standard mailbox (it's a special box made just for regular size mail boxes).

The moisturizer is very creamy, and luxurious. It drinks in my pores, and leaves my skin feeling refreshed, and plump looking. I like that there's no real scent. Preferably, I don't want scented products, it triggers my Migraine headaches.

My routine after cleansing my skin is to apply toner, wait a few minutes, then add the vitamin C serum, wait a few minutes for penetration, apply my sun screen, again wait a moment or two, and lastly moisturizer prior to make-up routine.  Additionally, I add all these products to my décolleté, a top of hands, and arms.

Love the results!  I'm going to order more products from them, and see what else they have which may benefit my skin routine.

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