Friday, November 25, 2016

REVIEW: World's Strongest 50 ft Expandable Hose by #garDspo

By golly, this just might be the "World's Strongest" expandable hose....

It's simply astonishing how light-weight, yet, heavy-duty this little fella really is...especially in comparison with a regular hose (which are generally too heavy for me to maneuver, and fight with), and other expandable hose I've tried on the market.

The feel of this hose is totally different from others I've felt in the past. It's superior in quality. The material/sheath that wraps the hose, is not that crunchy/plastic, it's cloth. Real brass hardware, which move and adjust flawlessly. Attached to the spigot with ease, and turned-off without hesitation, and maintained the hold...with no drips. Also it filled-up and emptied quickly. I ordered the 50ft, and it's the perfect size for me, and my lifestyle. The best part, it shrinks down to a mere 17 ft, and is so compact, it'll be easy to store.  Love it!

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