Friday, November 25, 2016

REVIEW: Baby Girl Toddler Flower Headband #BabyHairBand

They arrived in a plastic wrapped (for protection), zipper bag (to be used as storage, and keep them organized and clean). There are no duplicate colors, and the colors you see are what is included in the bag.

The rose flower is made out of satin, and the headband is stretchy, and has a sparkly shine. The first one I selected out of the bag, the edge wasn't finished, but after inspecting the others, they were fine. Also they come with a circular rhinestone, and a pearl setting.

For the price, quality and quanity, it'd be difficult to beat ICObuty shop.

I'm very pleased.  Watch my attached video, and check out "Bunnie" wearing her new hairband.

Buy your Baby Girl Toddler Flower Headband #BabyHairBand from #ICObuty, on Amazon:


Watch video on YouTube:

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