Wednesday, November 16, 2016

REVIEW: Ethnic Vegan eBook (Box Set of 4 books) #Kindle

As autumn brings in the cooler temperatures, and the loss of the sun so early in the day, lends me to go inside, and become less active, and in in turn brings on the extra unwanted pounds. Who wants that...not me! But every year it happens. This year, I'll have these new recipes to try out, and share with my family/friends. Maybe a spark of a new way of eating, and recipes, will ward off the chip bags, and the extra pounds...let's hope!

My favorite recipe, thus far, is the "Pumpkin Spiced Latte" - it's like autumn in cup! I sipped it this past weekend, and read a few different books. I made 3 cups....yes, THREE! So, good.  Gave me a good fuzzy feeling inside. Hey, the temperatures in Florida, actually dipped down in to the 70s for a few hours.  brrrr

Additionally, I tried the Vegan Elote. I had never even heard of this recipe before, and now it's going to be a staple in my home, when I can find fresh ears of corn at the market.  Oh and speaking of corn, I never knew this either...did you know corn is a grain, and not a vegetable?  Funny thing is, I was raised in Ohio, and yes, the farmers take the corn to the 'grain silo' - but I never put two and two together. I'm thinking corn at the grain silo is for pig food, not human consumption.  But duh...corn meal, etc.  I feel my inner Chrissy's (from Three's Company) blonde moments, sprouting through my red hair. Anyway, I learned that from the bonus gift. 

The 4 box set include:

  • Vegan Asian
  • Vegan Italian
  • Vegan Mediterranean
  • Vegan Mexican
As you can tell this book box set has a lot of recipes....a 180 to be exact....a 180 new ways to make vegan, healthy meals! As mentioned above, there's a bonus gift, to boot! Yup, a bonus gift.  #Winning

Buy your copy on #Amazon:

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