Friday, November 4, 2016

REVIEW: #VinaltaRetinol Anti-Aging Retinol Serum

Pure opulence!
That's how I describe the serum, the packaging, and the bottle....pure opulence!

I have fallen in love with this Retinol serum. In one drop it does more than most serums entire bottles can do. I really like the way the serum feels, and glides over my skin. I only use one drop for both my hand tops, one drop slathered on both thighs, two drops on my neck and décolleté, and one drop on my face. That's six little drops, of anti-aging, correcting, and protecting my most important, and damaged skin areas. AND what's really nice, there is no scent!! That's vital to me, because the least smell can trigger a 3 day Migraine.  Coupled with layers of other beauty products, could knock me on the couch for a week from their highly perfumed aromas...ugh! What also is very nice about this serum is there is no left-over residual sticky/oily feeling. It absorbs quickly and does not dry-out or leave my skin taught, and uncomfortable. Like I said, I am in love with this serum!

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