Saturday, November 26, 2016

REVIEW: Guide to Amazon Fire TV eBook

My nephew received an Amazon Fire TV a few weeks ago for his birthday, from his girlfriend. They're both in college (Go O-HI-O State!), and are both gamers. They were really excited about getting the TV, but hadn't had time to figure out all the whistle and bells.

While here over Thanksgiving, I introduced them to this eBook, and they're minds were blown. They said this should had been included in the's that well written, and explains things they were not privy to, nor know were there. They're pretty excited to get back to Ohio, and get their new TV programmed, and up to running like it should.

Here's what's included in this eBook:

  • Difference between Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku
  • Installation of Amazon Fire TV
  • Different ways to use your Amazon Echo
  • Audio Search on Amazon Fire TV
  • Apps and Games on Amazon Fire TV
  • Unique Applications of Amazon Fire TV
  • Special Voice Control Easter Eggs
I've read several of John Slavio's books, and they're written in a style that is easy to follow, and understand. He doesn't talk over your head, nor assume you know something that may be obvious to him. I, and my nephew, highly recommend this eBook. Keep your sanity, and buy yours today!

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