Wednesday, November 23, 2016

REVIEW: #Lifewit Hammock Style Pet Seat Cover

When I get together with my Mommy and travel (even if it's just down the street), we usually take our dogs. That's my 2 (Affenpinscher and Chinese Crested, combine weight of 15lbs), and her 2 (Lhasa Aspo breed, weighing in collectively at 50+ lbs), all competing for the front seat of her Mini Cooper, and me trying to keep my dibs of the driver seat that I called shot-gun on when we decided to go out for another journey. Needless to say, this hammock set cover was a necessity.

Lucky me, my dogs don't shed, unlucky for Mommy, hers do. With this hammock, cleaning the back half of the Mini is physically a snap...unsnap that is...Just unsnap the fasteners, pull-up the Velcro closure, and seat anchors, and Viola, it's ready to be tossed in the wash. 

A great feature is it doesn't slip nor slide with all 4 dogs roaming about; and that it's made with a heavy-duty waterproof polyester. Not only is it soft, and comfy, but it's thick enough to protect the seats/back from wet paws. We also used it this past weekend to protect the car from my sister's luggage marring the interior. Due to a small health scare I've been at Mommy's for about 10 days, and now my sister's here to relieve me. She said she's going to keep the hammock in during her stay (she will not be taking the dogs out, unless it's an emergency, she's a cat person), because of running next week to the nursery for our Christmas tree, and poinsettias. It'll protect the car perfectly.

Plus, what is very clever are the pockets. Being we travel with 4 dogs, it's easy to store their stuff, and my small clutch. I never carry a large purse when handling all the fur-babies, so this pocket is ideal storage for my needs. 

Lastly, it has a storage cover.  I'm telling you they really thought about all the whistle and bells on this seat cover.

If you're looking for a quality hammock, this one by Lifewit, is going to be the one you'll want to buy.  It's simply grand.  AND it's 4 out of 4 doggie approved!  hehe

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